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    SubjectRe: ADSL or Cable modem support in Linux, etc..
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    On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Mike A. Harris wrote:

    > I have been working on convincing my employer to put Linux in at
    > What is the support like for ADSL right now? It would make them
    > see Linux as bad if it cannot do this with minimal fuss when we
    > get the connection, and I want to impress them, and not have them
    > see Linux as a toy. So far they are "with" the Linux idea, but
    > any little things like this are "bad times 10" if you know what I
    > mean.

    I've ran Cable and am currently runing ADSL under Linux right now... I'm
    not aware of all possible setups but all setups I have seen are either
    just an ethernet card hooked up to you "black box" cable modem or ADSL
    modem. Works just like being connected to a LAN but IPs are assigned over
    DHCP. I'm assuming your employer would pick an option with static IP but
    in any case it should be no more difficult than setting up a standard IP
    connection. As a note I've also seen on certain websites... Internal
    WinCable Modems.. which have 56k Winmodems integrated into them. I'd hate
    to see anyone get stuck with those, and I don't know how they work exactly
    since as I've said all cable modems and ADSL that i've ahd experience with
    are simply boxes hooked up to ethernet cards. I hope this helps.

    - --Gary Simmons
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