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SubjectRe: First WinModem for Linux
On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, David Lang wrote:

>One comment for those of you taking the attitude that "Linux will never
>support software based modems".

That would be foolish. It allready does, as you state below.
Anyone could figure that with the oncoming onslaught of the
avalanche of Linux, that the domino effect would land us
winmodems running under Linux one day. I would NEVER say that it
would never happen, and truely mean it. I may have said in the
past that it would never happen - but only with certain
restrictions such as no specifications being made available,

>You are to late, it already does. look in the Ham section.
>There is support for hardware modems (TNC's) and sound card
>based modems. While I agree that in most cases software based
>modems are not a good idea I can see many places where a type 1
>modem (as defined below) would be reasonable for a low-end
>"internet terminal" type of device.

I'm aware of the various drivers in the current kernel source,
and addons as well. My point is that I cannot just grab any old
modem RIGHT NOW, and slap it into a Linux machine and have it
work. It will be QUITE some time until this is untrue, and I
challenge you to prove otherwise. I'm not talking about FSK
sound modems, or any other radio telecommunications stuff either,
I'm talking about grabbing a standard "go into the computer store
and get a joe blow 56k/28k/14k modem for connecting to the
internet via telephone" modem, and getting it to work.

I'm not looking at special cases, or "wow there is one
winmodem/linmodem that works in linux" cases, I'm looking at
"grab ____ANY____ modem out of ____ANY____ existing computer, or
off the shelf without looking at the box, and plop it in and have
it work period - even if it sucks and uses 200% CPU. Right now,
_alledgedly_ there is one modem or one line of them. That does
not meet the "all modems in existence" category, and as such,
buying ANY modem right now that is a software modem is a
lose-lose situation for Linux users.

I am done with this topic as far as I'm concerned as it is going
absolutely nowhere fast.

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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