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SubjectRe: Your backup is unsafe!

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 wrote:

> On 31 Jul, Robert de Bath wrote:
> +-----
> | This will save the fakename but not the 8+3 name, if you do a restore
> | linux will _normally_ regenerate the same 8+3 name, but not always.
> +--->8
> VFAT doesn't support symlinks, right? So have getdents() return long
> names as (virtual) symlinks to the shortname, or vice versa. Then allow
> unlink()/symlink() to change the virtualized name.

getdents() do not return the type of entry. And if you will make lstat()
paint long names as symlinks - $DEITY pity you. Symlinks are not supposed
to change when you rename them. Symlinks are not supposed to follow the
objects they are pointing to when those objects are renamed. Symlinks are
not supposed to become directories when renamed (and the object they point
to is not supposed to disapper after that operation). Moreover,
rename("foo.boring.and.mighty/","42") will have to do interesting things
with dentry of short form of the source - it must be moved, it can't be
dropped (it may be someone's CWD and dropping *those* is not fun) and it
will have to share its place with the moved source dentry.
Unfortunately long names are anything but symlinks.

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