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    SubjectRe: albods
    On Fri, 09 Jul 1999, Bill Huey wrote:
    > > > I don't see any problems with the current way of doing things.
    > > You are lucky! But some of us use sluggish file managers, etc. :-(
    > >
    > > > parsing conf files is slow? Where'd anybody get that idea from.
    > > I did not benchmarks: I only yawned and listened to the HDD.
    > > > How often do you parse conf files?
    > > a. Initialization of * program.
    > > For comparison: BeOS starts (with full GUI) in 6 seconds.
    > > b. loading xpms.
    > > c. logging dynamic data.
    > Yep, BeOS is an excellent OS that has a correctly puts together
    > a C++ GUI Object Oriented system with compound document support that
    > has never dropped out a chunk of audio in my use of it.
    > The GUI is certainly much better than kfm or any other file manager
    > that adheres to traditional Unix methodologies.
    > It's very fast microkernel base system that has real-time support
    > for media streaming for those that don't know about it.
    > It's even got some Self-ism with the use of replicants for document
    > persistence.
    > It's just about he most responsive GUI OS I've ever used, which
    > runs count to various folkes mischaracterizations of microkernel
    > based technologies.
    > It's excellent.
    > bill

    But BeOS is not Linux and Linux is not BeOS. MacOS (or whatever Mac
    users call their OS) is not Linux either, and Linux is not MacOS. I'm
    not saying that BeOS does not have some great ideas or that it's not a
    damn good system overall. Same goes for MacOS - I haven't used that
    either but I'm sure it has some sound concepts. I'm also not saying
    that we shouldn't take good ideas from other OS's and use them in

    That's what I'm not saying. I don't think I know what I am saying at
    this point, other than BeOS is not MacOS is not Linux.


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