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SubjectRe: EATA driver and 2.2 kernel problems?
On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, H.J. Lu wrote:
> We are having serious problems with EATA drivers under Linux 2.2.5
> and 2.2.7, especially in SMP kernel. We tried eata_dma and eata
> drivers. Neither will work with SMP. For eata_dma, we got
> eata_dma: trying to reset HBA at 0150 to clear possible blink state.
> HBA at 0x0150 does not react on INQUERY. Sorry.
> in SMP kernel. The same hardware seems to work when booting with UP
> kernel of the same kernel version. With different 2.2 versions,
> sometimes UP kernel will panic with NULL point reference.
> Does anyone have any EATA drivers working with 2.2 and SMP?

I've been running a DPT SmartCache IV PCI (2044UW, I think) using the eata
driver on my SMP system under the 2.2 kernels without any problem. Right
now, I have 2.2.10 installed.

The system specs are:
2x Pentium II 350MHz
128 MB RAM
DPT SmartCache IV PCI 2044UW, no cache RAM, no RAID
several assorted UW and narrow SCSI disks & CDROMs

Linux 2.2.10 SMP
eata driver

My understanding is that the eata_dma driver is broken under SMP and isn't
maintained anymore.

Ryan Moore

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