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    SubjectRe: A DMA patch for linux 2.2.9
    > > to indicate if the architecture has the DMA memory limit and each
    > > architecture can turn it off at the runt-time. We then can do
    > Some PCI devices (eg Trident 4dwave-NX) have limited address space for DMA
    > registers (eg it can only address 1gb memory). So on really large machines
    > (eg 2gb) it is still possible to run out of DMA memory. 8)

    This is (unfortunately) very common on PCI cards aimed solely at the PC
    market. We have for example..

    ES1370 top 4 bits of irq registered wired to 0
    ESS Maestro 27bit addressing limit. All audio dma buffers within
    4 256K chunks


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