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SubjectRe: Patch for 2.2.10 (Quelle surprise!)
>>>>> "Albert" == Albert D Cahalan <> writes:

Albert> Jes Sorensen writes:
>> You still haven't explained why a syscall/sysctl is needed for
>> this when all the information can be obtained by parsing
>> /proc/cpuinfo

Albert> Obviously you haven't tried this in a cross-platform manner.
Albert> (or you wrote the libc 6 sysconf() hack and think your code
Albert> works)

There is no point in it - the different architectures are just too
different and people put totally different things in
/proc/cpuinfo. Someone already suggested the m68k port for example
should change their format to make parsing easier for him (I cannot
remember who though) but there is absolutely no reason since we run
different systems.

Looking at the example put forward so far, it is quite obvious that
the person suggesting it has not even looked at what other
architectures put in /proc/cpuinfo.

So to answer you questions Yes and No.


Officially killfiled by Alex Buell on linux-kernel - now beat that!

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