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SubjectRe: KMSGDUMP: dump kernel messages to a diskette
On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Riley Williams wrote:
> Hi Dan.
> >> 2. Dumping to hard disc. There is a veritable minefield of issues
> >> to deal with here, not least the fact that such assumes that the
> >> relevant controller subsystems are still working. I do not even
> >> intend to begin to wade into those murky waters, sorry.
> > See the bit about dumping on hard reset. Also Albert Cahalan's
> > '286 return from real mode' comments. Seems like a reasonable
> > way to go.
> Reasonable for those who can afford to get their hard disks trashed
> whilst the bugs are being worked out. I'll wait until it's finished,
> thank you...

Nope the dump on hard reset via 286 return to real mode should be 100%
safe, as far as I can tell. Please explain why you think the hard disks
would be trashed.


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