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SubjectRe: linux headers and C++

On 06-Jul-99 Alan Cox wrote:
>> Apart from this C++ is no more just a
>> pre-processor. Of course a C and ASM
>> hacker could feel in this way, but it's not
>> true; C++ could be used as an improved-C
>> or as a full-featured OO-language. Using
> C++ is a preprocessor, nothing more. Check how the original C++ compiler was
> implemented.

so "C" is just a processor then - or is it a programming language?
depends on how you look at it. I think that first it's standardized
semantic - this is the more important thing for an implementation.
the preprocessor is just the common way of implementation, right?

I don't want to argue, but I think modularization and OO are quite
different. of course - everybody is free to define OO for himself...


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