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    SubjectRe: albods
      Hi, all. I see this discussion is still going on. Here's an
    interesting idea for you (not mine, some other guy suggested it in
    private email, but he doesn't seem to have taken up my suggestion of
    posting it to linux-kernel).

    His idea is to used a modified loop driver, and build a filesystem in
    a regular file, then mount this FS if you want to access different
    data "streams".

    When creating the file, make it huge, but filled with holes. The
    modified loop block driver would fill in holes as required (assuming
    it doesn't do this already: I haven't looked).

    If you want to see the albod as atomic, just look at the file. Move
    it, ftp it, whatever. No kernel/libc hacks required. If you want to
    see the data "streams", mount the file. No new semantics required.



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