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SubjectRe: Your backup is unsafe!

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi Khimenko.
> > But who will DO it ? AFAIK right now vfat does not work at all :-((
> It works well enough in 2.2.10 for my purposes, although I'd still
> prefer to see those tweaks implemented.
Let's wait for Viro's answer :-)

> > But yes, it looks like good idea since right now you can not SEE
> > short names but can USE them (rm shortnam.ext will remove file,
> > for example; and you can not create new file with existing short
> > name, etc).
> Personally, I see that behaviour as a serious bug in the current code,
> as only names that are actually visible should have any affect. OK,
> there may be names that are invisible that get labelled as illegal,
> and I see no problem with that, but any other behaviour for names that
> are not visible is at best a security problem and at worst a disaster
> waiting to happen.
The whole vfat design is "disaster waiting to happen" :-/

> > It's frustrating even without backup problems (in fact backup
> > problems are not THAT bad: just use doslfnbk from dosemu :-)
> Assuming one runs dosemu. I don't.
You can run dosemu or you can write something like doslfnbk for Linux :-)
At your choice. No kernel modifications are needed...

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