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SubjectRe: Your backup is unsafe!
> Attempts to delete the LFN name would succeed, resulting in the file
> only having its MSDOS format name, and attempts to delete an MSDOS
> named file with no LFN attached to it would succeed and remove the
> file.
> Comments?

Yes. When I do an "rm /mnt/dos_volume/file-with-long-name.txt", I want the
file *itself* to be gone, just as if I had done "rm
/mnt/dos_volume/file-w~1.txt". If we want to be able to eliminate the LFN,
then perhaps "mv /mnt/dos_volume/file-with-long-name.txt
/mnt/dos_volume/file-w~1.txt" should do it (that is, moving the LFN onto
its short name)?

(Disclaimer: I don't know what kind of feasibility/difficulty/cleanliness
this whole thing has in the first place. BTW, I'd rather not have this
stuff added in the first place than have it added and not let me remove a
file using its LFN.)

-Barry K. Nathan <>

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