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Subject2.2.9+ extreme instability
Linux seems to be extremely unstable on my hardware.  This seems to be a
recent problem, I have tried 2.2.9, 2.2.10 and 2.2.11pre2 in an attempt at
a stable system, but to no avail. My hardware specs:

Tyan Tomcat IIID with SMP Pentium 200's
NE2000 clone ethernet card
ISA Sound Blaster 32
2 GB and 4 GB IDE hard disk, floppy, IDE CD-ROM
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000, Diamond Monster 3D

Everything boots up fine, and usually works properly for an hour or two,
maybe more. Then it seems that almost always the system eventually hard
locks. No telnet, no ping, no sysreq keys, nothing. Dead to the world.
So I have to reboot, fsck, etc... It's incredibly frustrating.

However, sometimes it doesn't die all at once. Several times I have run
into this: a few processes die on segfault (if I'm in X their windows
dissapear), then usually X dies and I'm dropped to the console.
Everything seems to be going alright, but within a few moments the system
dies completly. It seemed like when I try going to another virtual
console to log in caused system to ultimatly crash, but it could just be
coincidence. This exactly has happened on two seperate occasions, and the
system has just straight hardlocked (no wierd process death first) at
least half the time I've turned it on this week. Other times it has died
in screensaver (with the screesaver segfaulted...) Fortunatly I'm not
relying on this system for serious uptime, but it's beginning to really
get in the way of even normal usage, and Linux isn't supposed to crash,
right? :)

I've checked my logs and they don't seem to log anything. There is some
info in the debug log about pin/irq mapping which I can send if that might
have anything to do with anything...

Anyway, any suggestions would be _greatly_ appreciated. It feels like
I've used 2.1.x kernels more stable than these 2.2.x kernels... In fact
I'm probably going to try going back to 2.1.124 or so just to see if it's
any better, but it would make a little more sense for the stable kernels
to be stable, right? It's quite frustrating.

Please reply by personal mail if possible, there's too much traffic on
linux-kernel for anyone but the dedicated kernel hacker to monitor

------------------ Peter Amstutz --------------------
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