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SubjectRe: PATCH: /dev/nvram cleanups.
Hi Meelis.

>> Some RTCs implement only 64 bytes of NVRAM, with bytes 64-127
>> mapping back to 0-63. That way, you could not only write the
>> NVRAM, but make the RTC generate interrupts (which we use as
>> timer interrupts on some Alphas), set the system time or cause
>> alarms as soon as you'd have write access to the NVRAM. AFAIK
>> there is no way to autodetect the size of the NVRAM.

> OK, I've seen a 64-byte CMOS myself. But 64 is still better than
> 50 :) (no, I don't have real need to access these bytes yet)

I thought your arithmetic was better than that...

Q> Bytes Description
Q> ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Q> 14 RTC registers
Q> ~~~~~
Q> 64 Total


Best wishes from Riley.

| There is something frustrating about the quality and speed of Linux |
| development, ie., the quality is too high and the speed is too high, |
| in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
| else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |

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