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SubjectRe: S3 and Framebuffer
On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> Nils Bokermann wrote:
> > A few weeks ago, there was a rumor about Framebuffer with VESA1.2 or S3
> > Cards. I didn't follow the whole thread... Can someone give me a hint, if
> > there is (or will be) a S3 Framebuffer with linux??
> The most recent version of the in-development s3fb can be obtained from
> a patch against kernel 2.3.3, generated daily at
> It currently supports Trio cards (once fully debugged), but the
> framework is in place to support most if not all pre-Virge S3 cards.
> Patches and testing help are definitely welcome.
> I also recently set up a mailing list for anybody using
> an S3 card under Linux. Send a 'subscribe linux-s3' message to
> to sign up.
I've tried to apply this patch to 2.3.11. There were some rejects
not related to framebuffer, though. I also fixed sevral typos in the
source and generated a new patch against 2.3.11 that applies without
rejects and doesn't contain these typos. But this driver sets
improper video mode on my card, it seems that it installs too high
vertical refresh frequency -- my monitor supports videomodes up to
If anyone interested, I put this clean patch on, maybe
it'll work for someone...

Email: <jmv @ lucifer dorms spbu ru> Homepage:

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