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    SubjectRe: High-availability question

    On Sat, 24 Jul 1999 12:05:36 +0200, Ralf Baechle <>

    >> No. Then you'd have a single machine handle the filesystem
    >> and I don't want no single point of failure.

    > You're searching for the silver bullet which doesn't exist. I know of
    > some Omirr like ha-system in a German bank. A pair of machines for
    > reasons of availability even distributed over a city each had mirrored
    > disks, running OpenVMS.

    VMS host-based shadowing is _nice_. :)

    > The data corruption caused by a not correctly plugged in SCSI cable
    > resulted in both mirror sets being corrupted and the corrupted data
    > also being mirrored over to the other system.

    Sure --- garbage in, garbage out. You still aren't proof against an
    application failure or against writing the wrong data. That doesn't
    mean that having a redundant storage subsystem is useless: it just means
    that such redundancy is only part of the problem.

    btw, Tandem would have caught that scsi error: the existence of such
    fault tolerant systems shows that it _is_ possible to guard against
    random machine failures. You are still in trouble if the application is
    buggy, of course.


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