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    SubjectRe: ISSUE: Files missing when recursively listing an ISO9660 CD-ROM

    On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, you wrote:

    Thanks again for your help. I have checked the format on all 27 of my CDs and

    mount /mnt/cdrom ; ls -lR /mnt/cdrom | sum ; umount /mnt/cdrom

    30 consecutive times on each. Here's the results:

    No Errors: All CDs which are detected as Joliet 1 (such as PageMaker 6.5,
    FileMaker Pro 4.1, Civilization II Multiplayer Gold, some others), some CDs that
    are detected as plain ISO9660 (Adobe Type On Call 4.1, SimCity 2000 Special
    Edition, Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time, Space Quest 6, Myst, and

    Infrequent Errors (1 or 2 discrepancies in 30 trials): Some CDs which are
    detected as ISO9660 (or at least, not specifically detected as anything else).
    These were Windows 95 Upgrade, Calendar Creator 5.0, Photoshop 4.0.1, Norton
    Utilities 2.0 for Win95. These errors are not necessarily consistently
    producible, so many of the above CDs may have also produced errors, if enough
    tests were run.

    Frequent Errors: Some CDs detected as ISO9660 (Windows NT Workstation 4.0,
    Space Quest 4), both Rockridge CDs I have (Microsoft Office 97 Standard, MS
    Office 2000 Standard Upgrade), and the one Joliet 3 CD I have (MS Windows 98

    Specifying the -o nojoliet option to mount didn't help on any of the CDs with
    errors, except for the Win98 Joliet 3 CD. -o norock didn't help either for all
    listed CDs. Compiling the kernel without Joliet support produces no
    improvement, the errors still occur on all the listed CDs. It also doesn't
    matter whether I use the ATAPI drive or the SCSI.

    As for the one Joliet 3 CD, errors on the Win98 CD were difficult to
    reproduce - without the nojoliet option, sometimes I'd go through a whole
    series of 30 tests with no errors, other times almost every test had a
    different value. With nojoliet, however, I got no errors, period.

    I made an image of the most error-prone of my CD-ROMs onto my second hard
    disk. The disk was M$ Office 2000 Standard Upgrade. It registers as Rockridge
    (and not Joliet, I checked). I then ran this sequence of commands several

    mount /mnt/linux2/office2000std.img /mnt/cdrom -o loop
    ls -lR /mnt/cdom | sum
    umount /mnt/cdrom

    Sure enough, even mounted this way there are problems.

    Also, I don't know if this is related, but after a long bout of reading CDs I
    Jul 26 22:33:32 dilithium kernel: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer

    This is occurring when kbiff tries to play a sound file when I get a new

    Thanks again!

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