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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: UPS's
> >They were amazed that any idoit would lob characters at the device and see
> >what happens. They new it what theoritcally possible to create "apcupsd",
> >but never thought is was possible.
> Hheheeh. That shows them how "special" their protocol is doesn't
> it? ;o)

just about anything can be reversed engineered... and believe it or not lots of
companies do it to others people products.. how do you think Microsoft got where
it is today?.. the reverse engineered the Mac, added more bugs, and tada.. they
have what they call an 'operating system'.. and today I had to reboot the system
5 times to get the taskbar to come back.. and they say there operating increases

> Well, that said, I agree from a software perspective, however I
> still have a bad taste about APC - the company. I don't want to
> support them partially for a similar reason I won't support
> Microsoft. I like friendly companies that are more open,
> companies like Corel for example, or open-source companies.

news flash Corel was nt always so open. they opened up as a last resort kind of
thing.. they were going down because of M$ , there product WordPerfect which is
just as good as Word, both have there + and - but for the average Joe (and that
would be me) either will do.. however Corel / WP were loosing the desktop battle
for Wordprocessor. Even though many people I have chatted with prefer WP over
Word many still continue using that blasted Word crapola program. as Linux grew
and grows Corel see/saw it as a potential for a possible who here
actually runs ON LINUX anything by Corel other than there WordPerfect?

> P.S. <CHOKE>Do you know a good place I could buy APC batteries
> for my SmartUPS 600? Even though it would be supporting them.
> ;o) </CHOKE>
> Even better, if APC were to send them to me for free, I could
> possibly be swayed a bit, and gargle the bad taste away with some
> Lavoris... ;o)

and on that Note I'll be buying an APC .. not because there better not cause of
the support.. but cause I can get one at Best Buy on the way home from work for
the same price that is on the apc web site..

Joseph Acosta ........ SMP Linux 2.2.10 / RedHat 6.0 / SMP Windows NT 4.0

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