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    SubjectRe: GPF, Oops on system halt
    I suppose it could be a processor-specific thing, but I'm leaning
    towareds a BIOS/CPU interaction. My system is a K6/350 in a TMC
    motherboard which exhibited this problem. Walter Hoffman posted a
    message to this list awhile back which included an APM patch which
    switched the processor to real mode before doing the power down. It
    completely solved a similar problem I had.

    On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

    > >> > Power down.
    > >> > general protection fault: f000
    > >> > CPU: 0
    > >> > EIP: 0050:[<000089c5>]
    > >> > EFLAGS: 00010046
    > > I'm guessing that it's a buggy BIOS APM implementation, as the
    > > EIP value isn't in the kernel (I'm guessing it's in the BIOS, I
    > > don't know much about these things); either that or we have
    > > buggy power down code -- I suspect the former as I recall seeing
    > > stuff on l-k about this before -- try a search of the archives.
    > I'm wondering if the above is a processor-specific bug...
    > I have two systems with IDENTICAL motherboards, hard drives, etc,
    > which differ ONLY in the processor - one has an Intel P266, the other
    > an AMD K6-2/350, and the latter is showing this problem where the
    > former isn't - and the CMOS settings are identical in all other
    > respects...

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