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    SubjectRe: Partition Sizing

    On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Mike A. Harris wrote:

    > It is called a ramdisk. I believe there is a howto. I can't see

    memfs != ramdisk. Moreover, arguments below are pretty much void - memfs
    doesn't grab the chunk of RAM to hold. Its blocks can be paged out, on
    the same basis as pages of any process.

    > how in todays technology age that ANY ramdisk speeds up ANY
    > system for ANY reason though. The memory is better used as
    > cache, etc... Forcing it to ramdisk needlessly wastes the unused
    > space IMHO.

    You do not force it.

    > I've yet to see anyone provide useful benchmark results that show
    > benefits of running ramdisks.

    Sure, but it's *not* a ramdisk you are thinking of. Memfs has its
    suckitude but it's completely different one.

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