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SubjectRe: real-time threaded IO with low latency (audio)

On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Sam Roberts wrote:

> Sorry. If it gets your job done, great! I just think its an unfortunate
> limitation of Linux. That Linux is optimized for throughput is great
> for servers, and thats important. For personal workstations I don't think
> its great. [...]

hm, you havent been following Linux development for too long, have you?
Latency was always the primary optimization target, bandwith the second.

> As for the parts of Linux, like the scheduling alogrithm, that appear to
> be optimized for multi-user time sharing systems, thats flat-out
> archaic, in my view. [...]

a severe misconception again. The Linux scheduler is optimized for
latency, nothing else.

> [...] Maybe I'm wrong about this, but when you're the
> only person at the console, "fairness" in sheduling is a little less
> necessary: you started the damn thing, if you think its taking up too
> much time from your sound-card, lower its priority!

nothing prevents you from lowering priority of non-interactive processes

the whole 'why sound skips' problem i think lacks one major necessery
component: information. Nobody really ever analyzed what the problem
really is/was. I do have a awe64 soundcard (which i almost never use), if
you (or anyone else) could point to a method to make sound-playback
produce bad quality, i'd be happy to analyze the problem. Is running
mpg123 enough to see the problem? What should i do to make sound skip?

-- mingo

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