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    SubjectRe: UPS's
    On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Joe wrote:

    >I have also been informed that UPS's by APC for around $200 will
    >do what I want.. so that will be the next addition.. thanks

    Get a "Best Power UPS" instead. They are higher quality IMHO,
    cheaper, and they directly support Linux, and give out source
    code. APCC does NOT support Linux, does not give out source
    code, and have been rather careless with respect to the Linux

    I have an APC SmartUPS 600, and it is not working. It lasted
    about 6 months. It died 2 days before Andre Hedrick released his
    GPL'd APC power software.

    Everyone I talk to recommends Best UPS's over APC anyways. I was
    at both the Best Power, and the APC booths at COMDEX last week,
    and although APC's booth was larger, the people at the Best booth
    were much more polite, and friendly. When I asked them about
    Linux, the Best people were on the ball, and ensured me it worked
    fantastic with Linux, while the response I got from the APC rep
    was "Linux? What is that?"...

    Just some food for thought.

    >and please no more emails to me on this topic. I think I have
    >recieved over 200....

    Ok, I changed the topic to UPS's..... ;o)

    Take care Joe!


    Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
    Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

    Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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