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SubjectRe: FS corruption... some help maybe??
I get the point that Linux does not need to be rebooted.. and
other UNIX supposedly are the same unless you change hardware,
or patch kernels..

you are ALL missing what I am sayng thou..

even Mainframes flake out sometimes, and you must bounce the
region, occasionally. UNIX systems can flake out too, and so
does NT, NT is more prone it seems, and Windows usually LIKES to
be rebooted for registry changes, windows also needs to be
rebooted after certain segv's.. windows leaves dll's in memory
after a program crashes too (programmers fault?)...

1) AIX has a utility called smit.. you are suuposed to be able
to restart inetd with this, we did telenet sessions started
acting flaky, we bounced the box everything was a-okay after

2) I was on a project where we had a Solaris BOX .. made changes
to the shmmem for oracle, and some inetd (/etc/inetd.conf
services changes) also.. tryied restarting inetd.. and system
flaked out...

3) I have used Redhat.. now maybne this is a bug.. they have
utilities to setup /etc/hosts file and /etc/inetd.conf...

now I admint when I installed hylafax, and added made changes to
the services file there was no reason to reboot, but there have
been other times when it seemed like the only solution..

I have never tried kill -1.. but will in the future...

I have also been informed that UPS's by APC for around $200 will
do what I want.. so that will be the next addition.. thanks

and please no more emails to me on this topic. I think I have
recieved over 200....

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