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SubjectRe: FS corruption... some help maybe??
On Wed, Jul 21, 1999 at 12:17:43PM +0200, Herbert Wengatz 42850 wrote:
> +> > my system is only up max of 16 hours a day and then a manual
> +> > shutdown (till I get a UPS then I'll set up an automagic reboot
> +> > on sundays at midnight or something)
> +>
> +> You clearly have been using Microsoft Windows (NT/9x) to much. that
> +> Microsoft OS does need regular re-boots, but there is no reason to re-boot
> +> a Linux system just to re-boot it. I can understand turning it off when
> +> you aren't there without a UPS, but when you get a UPS, just leave it up
> +> 24/7. There is "almost" nothing that a re-boot can fix that cant be fixed
> +> by using other tools like ifconfig, etc... It is not uncommon to see
> +> uptimes well in excess of 70 days. I have heard of Linux 1.2.x systems
> +> staying up for longer then a year ( and by this time, this might include
> +> 2.0.x systems also)
> I can only support that! - I have an old 486 with 133 MHz at home, working as
> a gateway for me at home. I had it running for the first time with a Linux
> kernel version 2.0.30 for about 96 days, when it crashed. - The reason was -
> oh, no! - Not Linux! It was a broken CPU-fan! - I used this occasion, put in
> a more silent fan for the power supply, as well as another harddisk and
> upgraded to 2.0.36. - Since then, I never rebooted the system again. It
> currently has an uptime of about 165 days and I expect it to run far longer.
> My only fear is a powerfailure or that that bloody CPU-fan will break again.
> Can you tell me, what use rebooting is?

Maybe because of nightly running applications, not releasing
shared memory and other IPC stuf, producing amazingly zombies,
preventing useful tasks to run (such as backup & Co).
Yes, scripts could be written to attempt to cleanly put
things up, but usually the best way is to reboot regularly.

And, with Linux + autofs, taking into account dynamic modifications
of the NIS automount tables is possible without rebooting but
is quite painful with 100 or so machines. Sun's automount is
much better in reconfiguration...

However, whenever we can keep the uptime rising, we do it :-)

> At work (where I use Sun workstations) I have three machines (USER-Workstations!
> Where there are sitting users at the thing, logging in and out and crashing
> their applications all day long ;) ) - and these three machines have an
> uptime of far more than 280 days!!!!! (one is over 290 !)
> Can anybody please show me *any* NT-User-WS with such uptime?
> Regards,
> Herbert
> +>
> +> See you
> +>
> +> Cris Wade
> "There are the following types of lies: lies, damn lies, statistics,
> benchmarks and then there are benchmarks from Mindcraft."
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Thierry Danis
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