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SubjectRe: FS corruption... some help maybe??
Date wrote: 

> <> wrote:
> original article:
> > Cris Wade wrote:
> > > It is not uncommon to see
> > > uptimes well in excess of 70 days. I have heard of Linux 1.2.x
> > > systems staying up for longer then a year ( and by this time, this
> > > might include 2.0.x systems also)
> >
> > There are many 2.0.x system known to have run over a year before
> > reboot. We had a high-use 2.0.36 system run for over 6-months till
> the
> > power failed for longer than our UPS had reserves. Unfortunately
> 2.2.x
> > still has a ways to go before we see numbers like that- but we still
> > have hope.
> >
> > ron
> I have one 2.0.36 machine that made it to 497 days before locking up.
> This is a high use web/mail/dns server, running multiple domains. I
> think the jiffies counter wrapped and the kernel could not handle that.
> And of course it decided to lock when I was out of town, so I could
> not look at the screen.

While we're sharing success-stories: I administer a modem-server which
ran 2.0.31 for ~530 days before a janitor came waltzing in and pulled
the plug to that and 2 other computers. He needed an electrical outlet
for his electric drill and surely couldn't be bothered to use the free
one 3 feet further away. He probably would have had to fetch more
power-cord to do such a thing, and we can't have that, now can we?

If it ain't broke, don't break it.

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