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SubjectRe: fsck is dead (was: Some very thought-provoking ...)
On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Steve Underwood wrote:

> If 5 minutes downtime looses 1/2 million dollars of business, this one computer
> is relied upon for about 52.5 billion dollars of business per annum. Quite
> something, eh? Perhaps the 1/2 million per 5 minutes is a little exaggeration,
> or perhaps they need a damn good HA solution.

Even with a hot standby you do not want your redundancy offline just
because it uses the hack that is fsck. There is no real reason to hold the
computer offline for the time an fsck takes when there are alternatives.

The argument about using ups solving every problem is also flawed. I have
seen a careless move (man accidentally leaning agains the emergency
power-off of the computer hall) shut down a ha cluster that was fortunatly
and ironically only used for testing stability. As long as there are
people designing and running the computers there will be errors made which
must be recovered from as fast as possible.

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