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SubjectRe: Kernel OOPS on 2.2.10 SCSI related
> Hi All
> Im running a Quad Xeon with 1Gig of ram with Kernel 2.2.10 since 2 weeks with no
> Problem
> but yesterday i got the following oops:
> It happens when my backup starts and the module for the symbios scsi-controler
> det loaded.

That hole is plugged in 2.2.10-ac1+ and hopefully will
get into 2.2.11 . The solution isn't great:
fail the 'insmod sym53c6xx' but it is better that
an oops.

You will be pleased to hear that your system ran out
of memory under the 16MB level even though your
sym53c8xx could have used any available RAM for
DMA purposes.

If you really don't want to see this again then
build that driver into your kernel. [It is also
less likely to happen if you send that 1 GB of
memory to me and replace it with 16 MBs :-)]

Doug Gilbert

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