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    SubjectRe: gdb strangness Under 2.3.11-pre1

    On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Tim Waugh wrote:

    > > [there is another x86 change that went in as well recently with
    > > pre-2.3.11, the 'lazy TLB flush feature' which was planned for quite some
    > > time already - bug the gdb bug predates the lazy-TLB-flush changes. The
    > > lazy-TLB feature lets us cut down on the number of TLB flushes rather
    > > heavily, in a typical x86 Linux box about 80-90% of TLB flushes are now
    > > gone.]
    > The two bugs that seem to be caused by this (or at least, are introduced
    > with 2.3.11-pre4) are the weird things in /proc/{2,3} and the 'bad page
    > middle entry 23232323'-type messages.

    i saw those too, hm. One thing to keep in mind is that 'lazy TLB state'
    makes bugs live much longer than they live now, so lazy-TLB might just
    have triggered an existing bug.

    btw., in case you can reproduce the 'bad page middle entry ...' messages,
    do they go away if you remove the lazy-TLB support for bdflush? (the
    PF_LAZY_TLB changes in buffer.c)

    -- mingo

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