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SubjectRe: Vendor specific kernels and lkml (was Re: 2.2.5-15 aic7xxx problem?)
> I do see your point. I guess it's a question of where to draw the line. You
> wouldn't (presumably) want to see bug reports for MkLinux, or uClinux, or
> Linux 1.1.x here? Obviously those are a long way away in the `family tree'
> now, whereas vendor's kernels are pretty close.

The line is "where are they useful". Vendor reports are useful on the whole.

> ii) you spend a long time trying to reproduce the problem, only to
> find out later (perhaps a lot later) that it was related to a
> vendor specific patch.

Those show up fast.

> Working back to the original post, do we want chat about whether people
> should use this or that kernel rpm, and where they can find them on the RH
> site, on this list?

I generally politely direct them to On the other hand
I do want to see reports that are of the "Vendor XYZ kernel with this CD drive
crashes on boot".


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