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SubjectRE: Memory hogs
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> > You're in a "we're completely out of memory" situation already,
> > having the application clean up may mean it wants to rewrite its
> > config files. Requiring buffers and other resources.
> Once you're completely out of memory, you're too late. We
> can simply start killing once we get very very near...

I noticed recent discussions about the reserved space on ext2
partitions that is emergency space for root to recover from something
filling the disk (or defragging, depending on who you ask); Could a
similar thing be done with RAM? The kernel holds back a few MB
(configurable of course), then when you get into an OOM situation,
your algorithm comes into effect and is able to tell a process to shut
down and give it access to the emergency RAM incase it needs to
allocate any further resources for config saving, etc.

RAM is cheap and I would prefer to sacrifice a few MB and have apps
exit gracefully in an OOM situation than have the kernel start dumping
processes and losing data all over the place.

Just an idea, I have roughly zero idea how implementable it is (just
incase you were going to roast me for making a dumb, impossible to
implement solution)

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Chris Jones
Black-Sun Software

"Linux is beating Windows" - David Cole, Microsoft Executive

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