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Subjectlinux-kernel list problems -- Now solved ?
	I found, and fixed it for now - I think.

On Thu, Jul 15, 1999 at 09:13:35AM +1000, Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> Matti,
> > Ok, shunted to "." processor --
> unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped, which is really
> strange.

Indeed, which woke me up properly...

> The other lists are still getting through, I see hundreds
> of messages from owner-linux-* but none
> from the linux-kernel list. That makes me think it is a majordomo
> problem, but I can't see why only Australia is affected.

It wasn't .AU only. The way this turned up to be was that
there were couple of broken subscriptions which with one
ZMailer quirk did turn out to reject all recipients in the
batch where that envelope error occurred.

Addresses at the file were something like:


As things are done by the "listexpand" utility, it picks
address-line from the start of the text line in the file,
and chops it off at frist non-quoted white-space. Thus:


which both caused ZMailer router to reject the message on
basis of bad envelope. (Both happened in same batch part,
so this wasn't quite so bad to spot..)

Why it then happened to .AU and some others ?
The listexpand utility picks all addresses from the file,
SORTS them in reverse (domain part all lowercase) domain
field order: .AR is before .BE, FOO.AR is after BAR.AR, etc..
Then it outputs the recipient list in sorted order with
200 recipients at the time (last set can be smaller):
Here are first TLDs from linux-kernel:

6 ar 6
1 as 7
27 at 34
79 au 113
22 be 135
4 bg 139
31 br 170
1 by 171
77 ca 248

So, every address AR thru BY were dumped, and about 1/3 of CA
also. :-/

I don't receive owner-linux-kernel*, so I didn't see the telltale
report it got for EACH message sent to the list :-(

This has happened before once or twice.
Back then the *entire* list was junked, which alerted me to
proper track, this one was a *bit* more difficult to spot.

I need to study ways to armour the system against this sort
of bad address entries in the subscription databases.
But before it can be cured properly, Andy, could you
keep an eye on the list address contents ?

I will go away from the network for shortish vacation next
couple of weeks...

> Cheers, Tridge

/Matti Aarnio <>

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