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SubjectRe: Large disk partition over 300GB
In <> Thierry Vignaud ( wrote:
> Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

>> Ofcourse you realize that setting -m to 1 or worse, 0, will result
>> in a badly fragmented disk when it fills up and really bad performance.
>> The reason that 5% of disk space is reserved is to always have some
>> room left. The ext2 allocation algorithm needs this to prevent fragmentation.

> I think the main reason is to let the sysadmin to fix the system in case
> of problem and to prevent users from filling all the free space. A lot
> of utilities need free space for temporary files. How do you edit a conf
> file if there is no room ?

And utilities can NOT use this free space :-)) And you can NOT use this room
for conf files editing (unless you are root, of course)... No, main reason is
to give ext2fs defragmentation algorithm space to breathe.

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