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Subject2.2 Boot problems

I've been having serious problems trying to get the 2.2 kernel to boot.
I've tried everything I can think of, and unfortunately, I don't seem to
be able to solve the problem, or even describe well enough for anyone to
feel like they can give useful suggestions. So, I took out the video
camera and captured the boot messages. I've also collected my 2.0 boot
log, in case that provides useful information.

I've reduced the set of images down to the minimum, but it still more than
I feel comfortable posting to a mailing list or news group. So, if you
think you can help, visit the URL:

I'm open to any reasonable suggestions. And will be happy to lookup any
additional information, and add debug statements to my kernel to print
out additional information.

Bill<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
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<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/4.51 [en] (X11; I; Linux 2.0.36 i686) [Netscape]">
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Trying to Boot the 2.2.7 Linux Kernel.</h2></center>
I've tried every compile option I can think of, and kernels from 2.2.0-pre6
through 2.2.7, and
<br>I've even hacked the kernel source code.&nbsp; But I can't get the
2.2.7 kernel to boot.&nbsp; The 2.0.X
<br>kernels boot fine <a href="boot.txt">(see boot log)</a>, but fail to
detect the correct amount of memory, unless I use the mem=128M
<br>boot flag.
<p>Starting to boot:
<img SRC="3-Boot.gif" ALT="Starting to boot" height=480 width=640></h2>
<br><img SRC="5-Boot.gif" ALT="Continued normally." height=480 width=640>
<p>Trouble in River City.&nbsp; The computer freezes:
<br><img SRC="7-Boot.gif" ALT="Then they freeze like this." height=480 width=640>
<p>The Power Button on the Computer Doesn't work:
<br><img SRC="11-Powerbutton.jpg" ALT="The power button won't work." height=480 width=640>
<p>So, I have to turn off with the MASTER on my power switch:
<br><img SRC="13-Powerdown.jpg" ALT="Of course the MASTER works." height=480 width=640>
<p>The 2.0.X kernel boot log:
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