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SubjectRe: [SuSE Linux] 2.2 Boot problems
I'm not sure I follow.  If English is your native language, cut down on
the appreviations, and I should follow you.

dizzy wrote:
> Hi Bill
> (gives the standard nod of not posting large files... aahem cough...)

Exactly. Which is why I only posted a link. Although, I notice the
latest versions of Netscape seem to download everything the link refers
to without a click. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of selecting
"send as link". I guess the moral of the story is just to manually type
the URL and not use Netscape's "send as link" feature anymore.

> Looks like the problem is pointing tward an IDE controller on a PCI
> bus?? 00 dev 39 ??
> then goes on with the ide 0 and ide 1 = to hda and hdc pio ???? p input
> /output?
> what did you change? or add? hardware? move your cabeling?

When. After I bought the machine. Of course. The machine has one hard
drive from my old computer, a SCSI/Fireware card, and an Eathernet card
all of which didn't come with the computer. The hard drive I put in had
my old kernel on it. Which is why I know that Linux detects the
correct amount of memory on the machine with the older kernels, even though
the machine is newer than the kernels that detect the right amount of

For the most part, besides the memory detection problem, I have never
had any problems booting a 2.0.X kernel on this machine. However,
the 2.2.X kernels and 2.1.X kernels have all exhibited the problem
of loading PIIX drivers, and then freezing. That is true whether
I compile my own kernel, or I use pre compiled kernels like SuSE's boot
floppies, or the floppies on their web site. My guess is if there was
a way to disable the PIIX driver, my machine would boot normally with
the 2.2.X kernels. But I haven't found any option to do that.

> are you saying you only redid a kernel and this is the outcome?
> everything looks fine till the above mentioned error
> is this a new setup?

Nope, same setup I have been using. I just keep trying the 2.2 kernel
periodically in hopes one of them will work. Mainly because I want to
try the experimental USB support, and I've seen patches for FireWare
support that I want to try.

What I'm planning on trying next if nobody has any better suggestions is
manually hacking the kernel to disable the PIIX driver, and see what


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