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SubjectRe: SPARCstation's power led goes off upon kernel init
In message <Pine.LNX.4.10.9906092122340.13330-100000@localhost>, "Michael B. Tr
ausch" writes:
| However, that is a nice thing to be able to do - control a LED and use it
| for custom things. It could be done for an Intel on a keyboard on one of
| the least used lights: Scroll lock.
| I think it's a neat idea. Hm. Maybe when I know enough on how to friggin
| program, I'll see about writing a kernel patch to do just that...

Heh. If you run X you can take control of one or more LEDs away from the
server, then do whatever you want with them.

brandon s. allbery [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator [WAY too many hats]
carnegie mellon / electrical and computer engineering KF8NH
We are Linux. Resistance is an indication that you missed the point.

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