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SubjectRe: Profanity in the Linux Kernel?!?!?
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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Dave Cinege wrote:

> The Doctor What wrote:
> > It is possible that this will cause the kernel to be blocked by censoring
> > software. Or parts of the kernel. Or patches, etc.
> Let's hurry up and censor ourselves before anyone else gets the chance!
> > I don't think anyone should make the owners of a subsection clean up their
> > comments and such, but I would like to encourage them to remove the worst
> > words.
> The 'worst' words? That would necessitate an order of 'bad' words.
> There is no such thing as a 'bad' word. Actions, those can be bad.
> Now the literial meaning of say fuck and shit, the actions they represent,
> are not bad. Infact they are quite natural. Now war, that's bad. Yet,
> as NATO (READ: The USA and UK) continuly bombs the hell out of places I've
> never been, against people I've no problem with, it seems nary to raise an
> eyebrow. But should someone dare say fuck on the radio...
> It disgusts me to no end that the bleeting of scaried sheep is so promiment
> here in America. The new wave of patriotism: Lick the hand of your master, and
> praise him for beating someone other then you. The house nigger
> mentality....alive and well now in every race and creed.
> Home of the free and land of the brave...what a crock.
> Yes I know. I'm spouting again.
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> Linux Router Project
> "Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists
> at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more
> people than marijuana ever could." William F. Buckley, Jr
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