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    SubjectRe: Devfs, was Re: Migrating to larger numbers (Stephen Frost)  wrote on 09.06.99 in <>:

    > My one concern is SCSI device management. Under the current
    > setup it can be challenging to deal with at best. I tend to know what
    > controller and what target a device is, and that at least is constant if
    > one disk happens to die. If /dev/sdb dies then everything past that moves,
    > and the machine won't even boot, even if /dev/sdb is unimportant, if
    > /dev/sdc is /usr, and it's now /dev/sdb, that gets really painful really
    > quickly.

    With my setup (see parallel mail), this works fine as long as boot/root
    works (so my boot scripts get a chance to run).

    MfG Kai

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