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SubjectRe: Preparations for ZD's upcoming Apache/Linux benchmark

> There is another problem -- HTTP 1.1 (as opposed to HTTP 1.0 with
> extensions) allows client to make multiple requests without waiting for
> responses, then server should return all reaponses in sequence. I have no
> idea, if anyone really supports that (can anyone show me an example that
> does?),

apt-get (Debian's package system" does. Squid does. In fact, I have seen my
apt-get use it on my Squid.

> but it can cause large amount of headache -- there is no
> high-level flow control in this protocol, and unpredicatble amount of data
> that arrived with requests should be buffered somewhere until all previous
> requests, passed over the same connection, are answered. Even userspace
> implementation can suffer from DoS attacks unless it "intelligently" drops
> requests with large amount of data attached, and kernel may have hard time
> making a decision, where to put POST or PUT with few hundreds of kilobytes
> of data while it sends back hundreds of small files over the
> same high-latency connection back.

It needs careful design. PUT and POST are for userspace anyway. I'll have to
think about this some more..

Arjan van de Ven

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