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    Subjectnetwork problems w/ old intel hubcards

    Not sure if this is linux kernel related or not. Just wanted to throw it
    out there to see if anyone else had seen it. When using the tlan driver
    on a new compaq 1600, if I am connected to these old Intel hubcards (ISA?
    cards in old 286 computers that provide ports at low cost for when 10BaseT
    hubs were expensive) I have many lost packets. When plugging into a
    normal hub, everything is fine.

    Similiar behavior is not seen on a plethora(sp) of win95/win98/NT/Apples
    plugged into the same cards.

    This may just be a problem with intel hubcards, but if there is anything
    the tlan driver or tlan card (Compaq NetFlex) is doing wrong, I'd like to
    get to the bottom of that just in case there is a problem with some other
    hubs out there (we sell a lot of Compaq).

    Like I said, about half the packets in a ping or any other type of
    connection simply don't get there. I can do a tcpdump or something else
    if someone wants to take a look.

    Jon Mitchell
    Systems Engineer, Subject Wills and Company

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