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SubjectRe: Devfs, was Re: Migrating to larger numbers
> > What /dev admin maintenance?  Perhaps my machines don't have enough disks,
> > but I have never needed to perform significant work in /dev.
> If you install a distribution that supports 100 SCSI discs, you need
> 1600 entries in /dev just for that. If you decide you'll never have
> more than 4 SCSI discs, you're free to delete the entries you don't


Once you are managing large storage arrays you need a saner naming system.
Not devfs though, although you can build it over devfs just fine - you
end up needing mount by uuid/volume name. Anything else is just plain
horrible to manage updates.

devfs is an extremely clean solution to a problem. Im just not 100% sure
its the right solution or the right problem. Its certainly in the right


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