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SubjectRe: Migrating to larger numbers

hpa (?) is '> >'.

> > You have the completely wrong idea what a device driver is! XF86_SVGA
> > is a device driver! gpm is a device driver (mouse driver.)
> > magicfilter/ghostscript is a device driver (printer driver.) Neither
> > belong in the kernel.

Actually, gpm is probably going to be trashed and replaced with kernel
approach (because in-kernel input drivers mean better sharing
etc.). XF86_SVGA already has its fbcon counterparts (like

> > Things belong in the kernel if they *have* to be there. Not otherwise.
> > This implies the need for a coherent, *USER SPACE*, setup for managing
> > devices. Bootup devices are somewhat a special case, of course, but
> > that doesn't change the fundamentals.
> In that case, let's start ripping drivers out of the kernel. And
> filesystems too (except ext2fs). Use podfuk (sp?). And take out autofs
> and knfsd. These things *can* be done in user space.

Podfuk needs coda to work, so leave coda in. And yes, do that -- I
want someone testing podfuk ;-). [But... It would have horrible
performance consequences for cases like accessing huge files on VFAT.]

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