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SubjectRe: Preparations for ZD's upcoming Apache/Linux benchmark
Followup to:  <>
By author: Steve Bergman <>
In newsgroup:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> > Of course nobody has addressed the problem that Apache is optimised for
> > the real world not benchmarks and that its not the right server to use
> > for a benching exercise with the rather poor benchmark tools used today.
> There was an earlier thread that touched on Apache optimizations but was
> inconclusive on one point. Is it or is it not possible to get around
> the thundering herd problem with multiple NIC's and Apache? Isn't that
> Apache's main problem in this benchmark?
> Apache is as much of an OSS poster child as Linux is. Using something
> else like Zeus might win the battle but would lose the war. What is
> really frustrating here is that while the netbench results have some
> reasonable real world interpretation, the webbench results are truly
> meaningless in today's world. It almost seems like a diversionary
> tactic to take people's time away from making apache better, by forcing
> them to work on getting better numbers in a meaningless test. Does
> anyone know of a Quad Xeon server anywhere with 4 100mb/s NIC's being
> pounded by 250+ clients throwing everything they've got at it?

This is why a hybrid approach using two web servers binding to
different ports or IP addresses can be a very good idea. Remember the
Unix philosophy: it's better to have two tools, each good at one
thing, than one tool that is mediocre at two things...

"The user's computer downloads the ActiveX code and simulates a 'Blue
Screen' crash, a generally benign event most users are familiar with
and that would not necessarily arouse suspicions."
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