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SubjectRe: [announce] Linux Input Driver suite version 0.1.0
On Mon, Jun 07, 1999 at 12:39:30AM -0400, Bradley M Keryan wrote:

> Wheel does not currently work with Logitech M-C48 mouse on serial port
> using inputattach. It works fine otherwise.

Fixed in 0.1.1

> The keyboard focus stays on vt 1 when X switches to vt 7, unless I
> press ctrl-alt-F7. I think you mentioned this one a while ago though.

Checked this - and can't reproduce it with one keyboard. With two
keyboards the focus is changing for each keyboard separately - this
is intentional, and is a beginning of multihead support.

> AT keyboard still isn't working here without PS/2 mouse. I haven't tried
> it with the M-C48 plugged into the PS/2 port yet.

Should be fixed in 0.1.1 The problem was that when the mouse wasn't
plugged in during the BIOS POST, the BIOS removed IRQ 12 from the
i8042, and then though the AUX port was still there, it was nonworking.

The 0.1.1 code works this situation around by creating a synthetised
interrupt to flush the buffers if the true one doesn't come.

> USB keyboard and mouse are working fine except the mouse wheel is
> backwards. Not surprising since that's not a part of boot protocol, and we
> don't have an HID parser.

Fixed the mouse wheel in 0.1.1. HID parser is still far in the future.

> Also, I use matroxfb with a Matrox Millenium I, and the screen area to the
> right of the penguin boot logo shows a corrupted segment of vt 1 from the
> previous boot (a bunch of X stuff). It doesn't do that with plain 2.3.5.

Nothing new here yet.

If you can, try out the 0.1.1 if it fixes your trouble.


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