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SubjectRe: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
In message <>, Alan Olsen 
> > Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Finally people want to install Linux on *second hand* machines. Hell if w
> > > wanted to support just new stuff we could drop PCMCIA (cardbus has replac
> > > it), drop modems (you've all got cablemodem right), and anything lower
> > > than a PII processor
> >
> > Please do not let Linux fall into this trap; this is the Microsoft way
> > of doing things. Instead of optimizing the operating system for minimal
> > hardware, they simply demand better minimal hardware as part of the
> > install requirements. For those who can afford and do have plenty of
> > system resources, this is great, but we shouldn't exclude those who
> > don't.
> <aol>Me too!</aol>
> I have some serious concerns because of this. I have installed Redhat 6.0 on
> my work machine and it is eating up huge amounts of memory with Gnome and E.
>It is seriously giving me second thoughts about installing it on my
laptop whi
>ch is limited to 40 megs of ram. (And I do not have another $1600+ to
>in another laptop.) I realize it is not a kernel problem (yet), but it
could b
> Unfortunatly there is alot of legacy hardware out there. You may not use it,
> but lots of people still do.

Amazing! Don't you people understand sarcasm? Alan was *not* advocating
any such thing!


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