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SubjectRe: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
In article <7j9aj6$3c9$>,
Matthias Urlichs <> wrote:
> writes:
>> How hard would it be to allow the kernel to take two initrd parameters.
>> I.e. load two initrd images.
>For small-memory machines you'd need to be able to specify "use only the
>first initrd" anyway, and then it's easier to just select between small
>and a big initrd image (which we can do already).

No, the idea to have the kernel be able to load two separate files.

Then you can package up one initrd with the common components you
need for booting, but without required driver modules. And a bunch of
small files containing different selected driver modules.

For booting you could then select which of the small driver module packages
you want to load as the second initrd file. Because you don't have all
possible drivers you can now load into a smaller machine.

The selection process can be done fairly easily with syslinux (for example).

From the packagers POV it is also a little easier. It is easier to generate
a generic kernel, a standard install initrd, and then a bunch of small driver
initrd files.

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