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SubjectSLRAM patch to use non-cached RAM as swap/ramdisk
On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Pavel Machek wrote:

>> > Where can I get the patches for using extra RAM as swap/ramdisk?
>> > I've got an extra 32M stick just sitting here.
>> [...]
>> > Why are the patches to allow the extra RAM not built into the
>> > kernel in the first place?
>> probably because the author has not sent them to linux-kernel/Linus?
>I'm co-responsible for those patches, and they surely were sent to both
>linux-kernel and linus. (I'm not using them anymore, so I do not care,
>anymore :-)

Well, could I persuade you to care long enough to send them
again? ;o) I've also written to the person (who's name escapes
me at the moment) who's email address is on the page the slram
patches are hosted on.

I'd really like to see this useful patch make it into the kernel
source, unless there is some major reason to leave it out. Even
though new motherboards are out that can cache more, they still
don't cache all the memory that they can take, and as such people
can still benefit from the patches.

Are you interested or willing to maintain the patch still? Is
anyone? If not, I'm willing to go over the source and try to
understand it. If I can understand it, and it could potentially
be included in the kernel, I'm willing to give a shot at doing
so, and maintaining it afterwards.

Linus, would you consider the slram patch for inclusion in 2.3.x?

Or would you like to see it first before giving an answer? If it
is an absolute "no", could you give reasons?


Take care!

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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