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SubjectRe: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
Alan Cox wrote:
> Finally people want to install Linux on *second hand* machines. Hell if we
> wanted to support just new stuff we could drop PCMCIA (cardbus has replaced
> it), drop modems (you've all got cablemodem right), and anything lower
> than a PII processor

That's not the issue here, Alan.

We already have the means to install linux on just about memory-limited
all older laptops -- use a boot floppy with a smaller initrd.

The fancy larger initrd, *if* it's too large for 8MB, is only
needed for the latest boot-from-cdrom systems anyway.

No issue.

Besides all of which, it ain't that hard to create a bootable cdrom
that requires *less* memory for initrd than the current ones!
Just nuke all of the non-cdrom-install crap from the cdrom boot image.

Piece of cake, especially for a place like RedHat or Suse or Caldera.

If not, they can always subcontract the work. Lots of takers.


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