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SubjectRe: The stability crisis

OK, I don't want to make noise on this discussion, but I'd like to ask a
very simple question.

I do have a spare 486 next to me ( it was going to be trashed before I
got hold of it ), and I'd like to implement a serial logger ( yes, I do
also have a serial cable ) to debug some stuff that I'm working with (
I'm also having Oops and all those funny things that happen when
something crashed hard in a kernel, and even when not, it's very
difficult to keep track of all the printks to follow execution ).

Could somebody point me to a place with instructions to how to set up a
serial logger ? ( I've never needed one before, so I've never
implemented one ). Hopefully, it will help me a lot.

As I said, a simple question, thanks in advance


Hugo Varotto
Computer Science Dept.
University of Pittsburgh

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