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    SubjectRe: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer
    Constantine Gavrilov wrote:
    > Y should be a FAQ by now...
    > >From the kernel 2.2.x sound documentation:
    > -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Persistent DMA Buffers:
    > The sound modules normally allocate DMA buffers during open() and
    > deallocate them during close(). Linux can often have problems
    > allocating
    > DMA buffers for ISA cards on machines with more than 16MB RAM. This is
    > because ISA DMA buffers must exist below the 16MB boundry and it is
    > quite
    > possible that we can't find a large enough free block in this region
    > after
    > the machine has been running for any amount of time. The way to avoid
    > this
    > problem is to allocate the DMA buffers during module load and
    > deallocate
    > them when the module is unloaded. For this to be effective we need to
    > load
    > the sound modules right after the kernel boots, either manually or by
    > an
    > init script, and keep them around until we shut down. This is a little
    > wasteful of RAM, but it guarantees that sound always works.

    I have it build in the kernel, and I got the same problem... Can I do
    something simular?


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