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    SubjectRe: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
    > I agree that #2 and #3 is needed, although I disagree about it being a
    > major pain. It's just that nobody ever wrote anything I found acceptable
    > (all the patches I ever saw thought they should re-create the broken MS
    > documentation about PnP).

    ISAPnP isn't really related. There is btw some very nice clean ISA PnP
    handling code in the ALSA sound project. It just does ISAPnP, and it just
    does what it needs to.

    > #1 should be a non-issue these days, and in fact works already (and ISA
    > stuff should just use exclusive irq's, and then request_irq() will give

    It doesn't..

    > you the information - and if you are sane and don't need exclusive

    You need to be able to ask "is anyone on this IRQ line". The current code
    answers "is anyone currently listening to this IRQ". That isn't the same
    thing. Eg IRQ 3 will appear to be free until you try and use the modem.
    If PCMCIA ate it first then badness occurs


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